Kubex Fitness Kube With Light React Coordination Exercise.

Kubex Fitness is a “Know”-Brainer

Knowing How To Get Fit Makes Kubex Fitness is a “Know”-Brainer

Benjamin Franklin once said,“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It’s kind of a cliche these days but… Kubex Fitness happens to agree. We also know telling you to plan one more thing, such as your fitness program, may not be exactly what you want to hear. We get it. You’re busy. Your life already requires a boatload of planning, multitasking and mad juggling skills to make it all work. Kubex doesn’t want one more thing in your life to feel like a complicated puzzle with potentially missing pieces.

Which is why we have done all the planning for you with four (and counting) different full body exercise sequences, each carefully composed, to ensure you get the best workout in the least amount of time. Once you step in our doors your exercise regime becomes a no brainer– or should we say “know-brainer”. You can let your mind rest and put your body to work.

No Guesswork 

Some exercise programs can make you feel you’re on a hamster wheel spinning around yet going nowhere. Kubex doesn’t waste your time with stuff that doesn’t yield results. It’s simple: follow the arrow, give it your all in each Kube and trust you’re doing exactly what you need to become a stronger, healthier you.

Full Body Workout 

While each 30 minute sequence is different by using the latest and most advanced exercise equipment, they all guarantee a full body workout. No more planning the week out with “bro splits”; legs on Monday, back and shoulders on Tuesday and “Oops I missed a day, now what?” Let us spell it out for you.  

Kubex Fitness = No Distractions 

Sure we like to socialize and catch up on what’s what but we know your time is just as valuable as your health. If you’re taking time out of your day or waking up before even the sun’s alarm goes off, we want to make every minute count. Our private Kubes allow for hard work, thorough instruction and no distractions. Give us 30 minutes, some hard effort and we’ll take care of the rest.  

Interesting and Predictable (In the best way)

Life is full of surprises. Some good, some an unannounced visit from Aunt Mabel. Allow Kubex to a create a happy ending to your fitness fairy tale. Sure, happy endings can be predictable but is that a bad thing? We don’t think so, especially when the ending is weight loss, strength and added confidence. It’s assuring to know anytime you begin a Kubex sequence you’re in for one heck of a workout.

Woman taking a breather at Kubex Fitness Logan

No Prerequisites Required 

When you come to Kubex we don’t require you to be a fitness master mind (that’s our job). Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or someone who has little to no knowledge of how to use fitness equipment. Kubex will guide you to your goals. With private Kubes, we map out each exercise for you. Our animations couldn’t make it easier to follow along. You’ll catch on quick and find yourself looking forward to the slice of your day where you can leave your worries behind and concentrate on just you.


No more wondering if what you’re doing is really working. How many times have you began an exercise program only to notice no real changes? Kubex has studied it out for you and outlined the most efficient way to improve your overall fitness level. No time is wasted, no energy is underutilized, no muscle goes untrained. As long as you’re consistently putting forth good effort Kubex is prepared to do the rest.

No Brainer 

We believe exercise should be a break from all the things your life demands. You work hard, you delegate, negotiate, plan, calculate, analyze and stress the details of your day-to day. When you’re here at Kubex let us fret over the technicalities. We just ask that you get here, sweat through the motions and come back tomorrow.

Tracking Progress

Tracking your fitness goals and nutrition choices will keep you aware of your progress as well as maintain your motivation. We know this. We also know you probably track just about everything else. Your time, money, kids schedules, homework and work projects. The list never ends. Take your fitness tracking off your list of to-do’s. This one’s on us. Check out our Full 3D Body Scan and Kubex Health Nutrition Book.


Woody Allen once said, “80 percent of life is showing up.” Well, on this point we agree.The equation goes something like this: Get here as frequently as you can, plus make smart food choices, equals results! Let us worry about the nitty gritty, all you need to do is get here. Sometimes knowing you have to meet a friend is enough to get you out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button. Accountability is key when it comes to improving your fitness. Check out our Workout Wednesdays and bring a friend for free!

Fitness doesn’t have to be a mystery and neither does your fitness programming. We’ll help you get there. Schedule your Kubex Tour Today.


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