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Don’t Like Drinking Water? Liven It Up!

What does the Earth have in common with your body? They’re both made up of about 70% water!

 If you’re not used to drinking much of the clear stuff, downing close to a gallon or more of it a day can feel like a trip to the dentist’s office (assuming you hate that too.) Most of us are probably chronically under-hydrated, especially during high-intensity activities. Let’s face it, water can be bland and less than appealing at times but the reality is, you need to get your H20 on.

Not A Fan Of H20?

If you’re one of those people who grew up in a home with lots of juice, soda, and other sugary beverages, your affinity for agua may be lacking. That’s ok, you’re not a lost cause! We aren’t suggesting you drop all your beverage cravings at once, but that you slowly integrate more water into your daily routine. It’s amazing how the consistent consumption of water will not only help your body function better but you’ll actually start craving it.

Wild concept, right?

Truth: Your body is best served by the pure source and wants more of what it’s made of. (Does that sound like cannibalism? Oops.) Give your body a break from the calorie-heavy, sugar-packed, fiber-free juices it’s become accustomed to. And if you think you’ve taken the high road with water flavor packets… BAD NEWS ALERT: they’re still sugary and make the purity of your water, well… not water.

You are better than the packet. Be better than the packet!

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It’s an oldie but a goody.

A wedge of lemon, lime, or orange (or all 3!) into your water can really give it a refreshing punch. If you’re not feeling it with the “remix”– we found an awesome twist on the idea. Slice lemon and orange circles into a pitcher and put it in the fridge for a few hours. No squeezing necessary, only enjoyment.

Also, you’ll seem very fancy when people come over and look into your fridge. So there’s that.

fruit infused water in glass jars

Pop The Bubbly

Isn’t carbonation a cardinal sin?

If you like your beverages “sparkling”, carbonated waters aren’t a bad choice. It turns out that carbonation doesn’t actually suck out your bone calcium. Thank GOODNESS. Check out some good options (La Croix, Sparkling Ice, or San Pellegrino).

Minty Fresh

Happen to know a medicine man equipped with all of nature’s ingredients?

If not, that’s fine. Mixing in some mint can really bring some zest to a tall cold glass of water. With leaves broken up, it’ll make your water mint-ariffic. That’s a thing, right? If you’re feeling cuh-razy, add some tang with the citrus tips listed above.

Plus it won’t cost you a MINT… ok, ok, too much.

Cool As A Cucumber

Despite the outdated flavor cliche, cucumber has a fresh taste that puts a cool spin on your H20. It’s not just great for bread or eye masks, it really works well in a lot of your diet needs. Similar to the citrus approach, you can cut up a few cucumbers and dump them in a pitcher. If you’re feeling ambitious, experiment with the mint combination for some variation as well.

You may feel skeptical, but we promise you’ll soon find your tastebuds are craving your customized concoction of H2-Oh ya! In the end, you want results. Boosting your water intake is a great way to do your body and budget a favor. It could also be the x-factor that takes your workout regiment to the next level. Hydration is king!

Need another pro to this whole drinking more water thing? You’ll retain less water, which means you’ll look less “soft” and able to better show off that tight bod. WATER you waiting for? Drink up!

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