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5 Great Cross-Training Shoes For Any Budget

Someone once said, “Whatever is between you and the ground should be quality.”

We’re not sure who said it (we think it might have been a tire company?) but heck- we think it’s a pretty good rule of thumb for cross-training shoes as well. After all, what are shoes if not tires for your feet? Long miles on the treadmill and hours at the gym can really put some wear on your shoes. So why not look good while staying comfortable? Here’s a list of some of the best cross-training shoes to help you do just that. We know everyone has a different style so don’t worry, we’ve got something for every preference and budget.

Nike Prime Iron DF

It’s hard to deny Nike’s ability to produce quality shoes that look and feel great. These cross-training shoes are designed with soft foam, and are perfect for strength and cardio workouts. The top of the shoe is finished with a lightweight mesh which allows more dynamic movements and flexibility. This shoe also has a rugged outsole that gives great traction with grooves that promote natural movements. The price point is very reasonable at $69.98. You can get a pair here.

Reebok Crossfit Hit TR

Reebok is a household name in the Crossfit world but that doesn’t mean you have to do Crossfit to take advantage of a well-rounded training shoe. If you’re serious about weight training and agility workouts the Hit TR is super durable and for those willing to put it to the test, is also incredibly functional. As it’s not designed for running, you may want to hold off on the half marathon in these!  Designed for muscle support and strength, the Hit TR even has a compression sleeve for stability! It also comes equipped with underfoot cushion that keeps you comfortable. They are higher on the price scale at $142.62 but if you’re serious about a multi-functional shoe with a very specific purpose, price does tend to escalate. Learn more about them here.

Champion Gusto Trainer

If you’re looking for inexpensive, entry-level footwear, the Gusto is a great choice for a cross-training beginner. With a soft inner lining and memory foam cushioned insole, the mesh uppers still provide flexibility for mobility, allowing for comfort while keeping your feet healthy and happy! It’s hard to beat this value at just $34.99! You can easily find this shoe at a Payless near you or online here.

Under Armour Micro G Limitless TR 2

Complete with compression half sleeves and a full-length sock liner, the Micro G Limitless fit a little snug but are sure to be extremely comfortable. They are lightweight with great support. Under Armour has done an amazing job of crafting performance-ready shoes. They do trend toward the higher pricing but remember, you get what you pay for! Check them out here.

New Balance711 Training Sneaker

You’ve got to love the name of this last cross-training shoe. The New Balance 711 Training Sneaker. No, you don’t get a free Slurpee with your purchase but you do get a very cush midsole and soft inserts. The 711 allows your feet lots of movement and flexibility while still providing a tough exterior. The 711 is great for weight training, running, lateral and agility movements as well as other extracurriculars like tennis and golf. And, we might add… that flashy pink is sure to turn some heads. This shoe is an absolute deal right now at just $52! See more here.

Cross-Training Shoe Bonus:

Nike Metcon 3

Nike’s Metcon series stands as the royalty of the cross-training footwear scene in both style and functionality. Currently on its third update (earning the “3” in the name), the Metcon 3 is another Crossfit inspired shoe design built with a flat sole for lifting but with enough cushion for mid-sole support when you take to the sprints. They’ve been designed with not only durability but weight in mind as well- these shoes are light. And with that slim profile and a wide, wide, wide selection of color styles- there’s a little something for everyone. The Metcon 3 retails for $130 BUT you can also find deals on older versions (the Metcon 2) that can save you up to 40%. Nike introduces new color styles often, so keep an eye out for “older” colors being discounted to make room for the new.

Cross-Training shoes come in all shapes and sizes. These are just a few of the many great shoes on the market! Where possible, it’s best to try them on in person to really decide on fit and preference. Most of these shoes should work universally but some will better suit certain types of athletes. It’s also important to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Choose wisely fitness friends!

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