Best Water Bottle Roundup

8 Water Bottles to Help You Drink More Water

Getting the health and fitness thing right every day isn’t easy. No doubt some days you’re here sweating it out with us and you’ve got the nutrition aspect dialed. Other days, not so much. We get it; you’re human. The good news is if there’s one thing you can easily give yourself an A+ on let it be drinking enough water.

The benefits of drinking water are undeniable. We know water is essential to life. It’s also great for kidney function, makes your skin look healthy, and aides in normal bowel function. Drinking the right amount of water can also speed up metabolic rate and help curb overeating when our bodies confuse thirst for hunger.

When deciphering exactly how many ounces your body needs per day consider using this formula. Then work out how many times you need to guzzle and refill your water bottle per day. Write your magic number down as a daily goal and make it happen.

You’re guaranteed to drink more of the clear stuff when you can make your favorite water bottle a constant companion.

Check out our list of water bottles for some hydration inspiration:

Aodor 32 ounce Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

ador water bottle







If drinking water day in and day out can feel a little blah try infusing your water with the flavors of your favorite fruits. Simply chop up your preferred fruit combo, place them in the filter basket and enjoy sipping naturally flavored water. We love this one because it holds a whole lot of water while being light enough to tote around, it’s leak proof and super durable. A great choice when trying to kick your soda habit.  

 CamelBak Chute .75 Liter 

camelback water bottle

This plastic bottle is BPA-Free. Hydration seekers love the angled spout design as it delivers a high water flow without spilling or sloshing. Turn the cap halfway to fill up and chuck some ice in. Then snap the leak-free cap back in place and you’re on your way. It’s comfortable to carry, lightweight yet durable and comes in 20 different colors. Check it out here.

Hydro Flask

hydroflask water bottle

Hydro Flask doesn’t do lukewarm. Considered to be the trailblazer for all insulated water bottles it guarantees to keep your drink just as you intended it to be. Whether you desire your beverage of choice to be icy cold or piping hot the Hydro Flask will make it last. Don’t be surprised when you find ice chunks in your bottle 24 hours later. Water bottle choices come in seven different sizes, 12 unique colors and can be accessorized with a variety of caps. Design every sip just the way you want it.

Klean Kanteen Classic Steel Bottle

klean water bottle

This steel bottle is lighter than most and so is its price. The Klean is the right size for most cup holders and bicycle cages. It’s easy to fill, effortless to drink from and we love that it’s dishwasher safe! Check out the variety of cap options and get guzzling.

Ozmo Smart Cup Hydration Tracker 

ozmo water bottle

Be the smartest drinker on the block. The Ozmo syncs with its partner Ozmo app and is compatible with Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, and other fitness trackers. The Ozmo is smart enough to know the difference between coffee and water and will set limits on your caffeine consumption while nudging you to drink more water. The cup has three different lights signaling how close you are to meeting your daily goal. If you are willing to invest in this cup and you’re into the whole smart thing; The Ozmo promises to keep you on track.


swell water bottle

With their all too perfect fit-in-your-hand shape and aesthetically trendy and classy designs, this bottle is sure to turn some heads. But trust us, they’re more than just a pretty face. Made with vacuum insulated high-grade stainless steel this stunner will keep your beverage cool for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. The S’well bottle employs a triple-walled technology equipped with a copper layer making its exterior condensation free. It reserves the sweating for you not your bottle.

Thermos Intak 24 ounce Hydration Bottle with Meter 

thermos water bottle

If you are serious about hitting your ounces each day. Go with the Thermos. This bottle has a meter or dial you can click each time you wash down another 24 ounces. At the end of the day, you’ll know exactly how much water you’ve consumed. The click back cap is leak proof and opens with the tap of a button. We love that it’s less than 10 dollars. And dishwasher safe!

Yeti Rambler Bottle

yeti water bottle

You may be familiar with their legendary coolers and ramblers but never fear they also make a water bottle. The Yeti is built tough. The stainless steel will hold up against the most rugged of environments. Engineered with 18/8 stainless steel and fully insulated to keep your drinks cool and your coffee hot.  

Drinking more water will not only help you become a healthier more energized version of yourself; you can also feel good knowing that by drinking from a reusable water bottle every day you are doing your part in ridding the world of plastic water bottles.

Plus, a reusable water bottle will indeed save you money over time. In fact, a 25 dollar water bottle pays for itself in less than a month. Have fun picking out a water bottle fit for your needs and lifestyle. It’s a healthy choice all the way around.

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