Man runs fast outside and the sky is grey and cold.

Best Picks For Cold Weather Fitness Gear

Ah, Winter: Picture-perfect white snow (or not), Arctic temperatures and pitch black mornings. Not that we’re anti-winter but the annual plunge into a 3-5 month ice age does pose its own unique motivational challenges– namely, staying warm. And if you’re like us, you enjoy some fitness variety that might include some outdoor adventures. Half the battle of running in the cold is scoring the right gear to keep you comfortable without inhibiting your movement.  

So hey- brave the chill this winter, get on board with the best, and most importantly warmest, cold weather gear.


Cover up your dome! That noggin is super sensitive to temperature. Lock in the heat and cover up those ears with this cold weather headgear:

North Face Passing Through Beanie

This bad boy from the North Face can be worn by guys or gals, and has 360 degree reflectivity to keep you warm and visible for any motorists on your jog. There’s a wind-blocking front panel to ward away any possible brain freezes (can’t protect you from those Slurpee brain freezes though), and a hidden ponytail port in the back for all you long-locked ladies and gents. 

180’s Bluetooth Earwarmer

Three magic words: Bluetooth Ear Warmer. We’re all about multitasking, and with this item you can listen to your pump-up playlist of choice, or even take phone calls, all while keeping your ears toasty. The design on this ear warmer also enables you to slip it on beneath other hats and headgear. We don’t want to cramp your style, ya know?


Those pesky appendages just get next level cold when you’re running outside! Don’t fall victim to freezing fingers. Grab some gloves, and let’s get moving!

Brooks Dash Glove

These beauties come in six colors, and are surprisingly warm even down into the 20’s, according to reviews! The material keeps your hands warm and dry by repelling moisture, and the special thumb pad allows you to navigate your phone’s touchscreen. Beautiful design and functionality forming a perfect relationship.

Marmot Connect Active Glove

Winter is for glovers ya’ll. This is another great glove option that offers warmth and wind-resistance, touch screen compatible thumbs and fingertips, and a TPU palm that offers a slip free grip. You really can’t go wrong.


BREAKING NEWS: Leg hair isn’t a substantial heat source for those calves and thighs this winter. We know this doesn’t necessarily exclude you ladies. Winter is rough for all of us. Check out some of these sweet options that will help you get it in gear, even as temperatures start to drop.

Reebok Men’s Cold Weather Compression Solid Tight

Other than Peter Pan, how many guys wearing tights did you know growing up? They’re cool now ok? The cold weather compression tights from Reebok provide mobility, keep you warm and dry, AND for $25 it’s a freaking deal! Do the right thing here.

Lululemon Run On Jogger

Running in the cold doesn’t mean you can’t run in style. Brave the big freeze with these beauties from Lulu Lemon. These pants are designed for cold weather running and have a high rise fit to increase comfort and support. Stay safe with the reflective details, and cinch the waist drawcord for a more customized fit. Go girl, go!


The outermost layer of your body needs maybe the most resistance against moisture and cold. This item needs to be especially reliable against the elements!

Nike Impossibly Light Jacket

Staying warm doesn’t have to include lots of heavy layers. The “Impossibly Light” jacket from Nike helps protect from both wind and rain but also comes with the superpower of folding into a tiny space. This jacket is best for cool but not freezing temperatures and can also be used to combat those crazy summer rainstorms.

Marmot Magus Jacket

The worst part about this jacket is choosing which color you want it in because it comes in SEVEN! The waterproof, breathable protection is just what you need, as well as the underarm zippers for custom ventilation, and adjustable cuffs and hem to seal out those annoying drafts and moisture. Stay toasty, my friends.

Well, there you have it, Fit Fam. You’re now equipped to kill it during the chilliest time of year! Stay warm and stay safe out there. And remember, layer up!

Like they say, better warm than sorry. Do they say that? They should.


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