Bowl of Halloween Candy

What Your Halloween Candy Equals In Exercise

Halloween is just around the corner, that candy-coated holiday bursting with festivities, parties, creative costumes and… a whole lot of sugar (and calorically hefty fats for those chocolate lovers out there). Because many popular Halloween candies come at us in mini form they may seem harmless and perhaps they are… if you can stop with just one or two. The reality is, one mini candy bar can easily turn into 10 before you can scream, “BOO.”  

Here at Kubex, call us crazy, but we’re all about getting you results but we’re not about food guilt or using fitness as a form of “punishment” for enjoying a little candy on a fun holiday. This breakdown is more for a point of reference.

So let’s break down exactly what a Halloween candy crush means in calories. Below you’ll find the trick-or-treat breakdown of the calories in many iconic Halloween treats along with exactly what kind of workout those calories might fuel.

Tricks To Use Those Treats 

The Treat: Almond Joy (one snack size bar/100 calories)

The Trick: Elliptical for five minutes, squat machine for one minute, one minute ab rotator machine.    

Butterfinger (One fun size/85 calories): Stationary bike for five minutes plus another five minutes on the rope pull machine.

Kit Kat (One fun size/73 calories): Ab rotator machine for five minutes plus five minutes of lat pull downs and glute press (both right and left) one minute each.

Laffy Taffy (one candy/34 calories): Seated row machine for three minutes, crunches with medicine ball for one minute and jump trainer for one minute.

M&M’s (One fun size pack/64 calories): Bicep curl machine for one minute followed by a brisk treadmill walk for five minutes.

Milky Way (one mini bar/38 calories): High-to-low chop cable machine for five minutes and front lunges on balance training ball for one minute.

Nerds (One mini box/45 calories): Punching bag; punch and kick for five minutes.

Reese’s (One miniature/44 calories): Walk on treadmill for three minutes, seated hamstring curls for one minute and ab rotator for one minute.

Skittles (One fun size pack/64 calories): Jump trainer for five minutes, incline chest press for one minute and one minute on the rip 60 pull up.  

Snickers (One fun size/80 calories): Front lunges on the balance trainer for five minutes followed by another five minutes of seated rows. Finish it off two minutes of jumping jacks.

Starburst (One piece/20 calories):Shoulder presses for one minute and three minutes of seated rows.   

Sweet Tarts (Two packs/25 calories): Seated arm bike machine for two minutes plus one minute of standing reverse crunches.

We definitely recognize this list has you performing many exercises for well over a minute but keep in mind it’s simply in an effort to provide perspective and aid you in making better nutritional choices.

Also, please note calories burned with each exercise are general estimations. Your body burns calories based on your weight and workout intensity. Also keep in mind weight training allows your body to burn  calories even after you’ve left the gym.

This Halloween as you raid your child’s bag of candy we urge you to do so with a little caution. Look it all over. Pick the treat you really want. Then, pick one or two (not ten) of your absolute faves. Sit down, put your feet up, eat it slow and enjoy it. No deprivation and no blowing your whole workout in a flurry of plastic wrappers and guilt. 

And that, folks, is the trick to treating yourself right.


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