how to keep yourself accountable for your fitness goals

4 Ideas To Keep You Accountable To Your Fitness Goals

Joining a gym is easy. The hardest part? Actually getting there on a consistent basis. So many of us have tried to get fit over and over again. For many people, what’s keeping us from making it happen is this: we’re trying to do it alone. The key to success can be as simple as having the right resources and adding some accountability. That’s where Kubex in Logan, UT comes in. 

So what about that whole accountability thing? Glad you asked:

Find a Workout Partner

Working out alone is often overwhelming and downright daunting. With no one to check up on you and you and with no one to report to, there’s essentially no consequence for failing to follow through with your workouts. It’s also a great excuse for why you didn’t end up making time for the gym. It’s amazing how easy it can be to convince yourself that today is just too crazy and you’ll make up for it next time.

And thus- the crucial importance to enlist the help of a workout buddy! Did you know that people who involve another person in their fitness goals are 33% more successful in reaching those goals?

And really, this person doesn’t have to be an expert in anything other than keeping you accountable. They can check in with you and encourage you to keep going on your journey. If they’re interested, you owe the same services to them. Once you’ve got your friend, you’ll still need the right tools to make it happen.

Game Plan Resources

A big part of being accountable (to yourself and a workout buddy) is having a game plan to measure your progress. Try as you may to get out the door and jog here and there, “try” won’t be enough to help you reach your fitness goals if you don’t have a plan. Even consistent exercise without direction can’t ensure improvement and results.

Imagine this: Michael Jordan practicing layups over and over again but never taking the time to learn the intricacies of the game of basketball; how to pass, rebound, defend, along with developing a deep knowledge of the way the game is meant to be played.

At Kubex we take the time to assess your physical abilities and goals, and we’ll help you have a game plan ready to get where you want to be. We have an entire system and staff dedicated to pushing you to your limits, not anyone else’s. It’s a simple, hassle-free way to get your workouts. Just show up and follow the easy instructions. You are so much closer to losing those extra 5-10 pounds than you realize! Understanding what your body needs and doesn’t need will be a huge step in this process.

Nutritional Discipline

Another major part of keeping yourself accountable is sticking to a functional diet!

Not sure which one’s best for you? Check out our article on finding the best diet for your lifestyle here. Making good nutritional decisions starts at home but quickly follows you to the workplace, school, vacation, and any other scenario that keeps you away from the groceries you swore you were going to use.

Remaining accountable for your nutrition might be the real x-factor here. A lot of people track their meals and even their calories throughout the day to gauge how they’re doing. If this works for you and doesn’t make you shrink with guilt or anger, go ahead and download a calorie counting app like MyFitnessPal or LoseIt! Make a conscious effort to know what foods are good for your body to store the necessary energy you need to lead an active life, what foods will help you recover from a strenuous workout, and what foods can negate all of your hard work for the day. (Psssst: The Kubex Health nutrition book is a great start.- they have services and consulting that can help here.)

Whether it’s your family or your roommates, having someone dedicated to eating well with you could be huge in staying accountable for how you fuel your body.  Establish a healthy channel of communication with your accountability partner that allows you to express any struggles you may have concerning your nutrition.

Desire To Reach Your Goal

At one time or another, you have had the desire to make physical changes in your life for a reason. Taking advantage of times where you feel motivated is a great way to get us fired up to accomplish the things we set out for. Inevitably, that desire or reason for change will fade away at one time or another.

Nothing can help flame your fitness motivation like taking a trip to see your healthcare provider. Learning about your general health and any issues that may arise from your current lifestyle (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes) The best motivation of all may come from understanding what’s at stake.


Keeping yourself and others accountable includes re-visiting what fuels you to want to make those changes. Keep a reminder or a symbol close by in times of weakness so that you remember why you are pushing yourself to make those changes, like a picture of yourself when you were a much healthier you, or that swimsuit you want to get into before next summer.

Another idea for a visual reminder is a fitness “dream board.” This is just a simple visual reminder of things that inspire you to reach your fitness goals, such as motivational quotes, fitness icons or heroes, or any other kind of reminder that inspires you. Look here for an example of dream board images.

Nothing is more important than being healthy enough to do the things in life you really love. And what better motivation is there than thinking about spending meaningful time with the ones you love for as long as you can?

Setbacks in progress are natural so don’t be discouraged when they come from time to time. Try to remember that accountability is a good thing! It means that you are responsible for your development. It means that you will be dialed in to make the best choices to finally reach your fitness goals. At Kubex we want to provide a fun and engaging way to get you there.

You got this!

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