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Friday is Bring A Friend Friday At Kubex Fitness

Barring a small percentage of unfortunately bearded castaways and anti-social cranks, we (as in humans) tend to be highly social. Look no further than our love of lists and trends to find out why– we like doing what others do if and when it’s effective and/or entertaining. And that’s not to say we’re a bunch of sheep or followers but more to say there’s strength in numbers– even better, a shared experience (like, say… getting fit).

But before we get all anthropological and your mind starts to wander back to your Instagram feed, STAY WITH US.

The point is this:

Islands are awesome… But you’re not one. Which is why we’re introducing Bring A Friend Friday.

Bring A Friend Friday- Only At Kubex Fitness

Bring a Friend Friday is pretty simple: Friday rolls around once a week. On that day, invite a friend. They’ll be admitted to Kubex Fitness free of charge and can join you in your workout.

See? Easy.

Motivation has never been more fun… and your chances for being successful just went up 33%*. Here’s why (science drop):

When it comes to getting committed, staying accountable and reaching your fitness goals, enlisting a friend can work wonders. In a 2013 goal achievement study, results showed people who wrote down their goals and shared with a friend were 33% more successful in accomplishing their goal than those who just decided to write some goals down and tackle them at some point.*

And it’s in that spirit of increasing your chances for success we’re inviting you to join us every Friday with a friend in tow. After all, your success in health in fitness is why we’re here- so grab that special someone and let’s crush your goals together each and every Bring A Friend Friday.

The catch? Choosing which friend.
* Dr. Gail Matthews; Dominican University in California


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