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Frustrated With Your Progress? Read On.

Fitness is meant to be AWESOME, not frustrating. And yet, for many people kicking off their fitness journey, there’s often one common point of frustration: “I’ve been working out consistently and I’m now [2-6 weeks] into my program and I haven’t seen any change in my [weight, measurements, mirror]. I’m so frustrated I could eat my Nikes!”

If you’re feeling this way, just know…

… it’s OK. Frustration can be a VERY common feeling. But regular frustration can also mean one thing: Time for a reality check.

Fitness Journeys Take Time and Adjustment

First off, everyone is different. Some people will see fast results. Others may take a little more time. The key is trusting the process and not letting YOU be the reason your goals aren’t crystallizing. If your goal is to change your body, patience is definitely a virtue.

Ask anyone who’s seen major change in weight and recomposition and many times they can tell you they’ll look back on their initial worries and laugh at their paranoia and doubt. In many cases, you’ll feel  like those race cars at the race track: the ones where engines are roaring, they’re burning rubber and smoke’s billowing up all over the place… but they’re not going anywhere… until BAM. The green light goes and those cars accelerate to hundreds of miles per hour, speeding toward the finish line and finish with broken records and time to spare.

Sometimes it simply takes time to get up to speed, gain momentum and see change. If you’re doing everything right, and that’s the reality check aspect, you have nothing to worry about.

If you’re at the point where you’re months in and not seeing ANY change, it may very well be time to take stock of what you’re doing. Commit right now to follow your nutrition to the letter. Commit to track your nutrition. Make sure you’re getting your Body Scan each month. If that sounds like a pain, realize this: if you want change (and getting fit is often a lifestyle change, after all), it may be time to get nutritionally accurate and make some changes to get to your goal.

As part of the Kubex Fitness family, we’re ready to help. We firmly believe being frustrated with results is overrated… and so is eating your Nikes.


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