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Fitness Gifts For Your Holiday Lists

We all have that dedicated friend or family member who lives and breathes their daily workout, who’s on top of the latest in macros and protein intake, and who wakes up at the crack of dawn to go running each morning with the dedication of Wiley Coyote in his pursuit of the roadrunner (meep meep). In fact, you may BE that person, looking for a few fitness gifts of your own.

Whether you have someone in your life who’s dreaming of a fitness gift they can sweat in, or you’re trying to drop some hints to the ones buying you presents this year, we’ve got some gift ideas that are right up your alley.

Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate

Before we tell you what’s in this amazing thing, let us preface by telling you the Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate is delivered to you in a wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. Let that sink in for a minute. This gift works great for any fitness fanatic, whether they’re a gym devotee or recovering couch potato. The crate contains an adjustable jump rope, 22 oz. blender bottle, core wheels, and a combination of whey protein, gel, recovery, and other supplements with fun flavors like huckleberry and orange vanilla. The path to a rock hard core is only a crate away.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Sometimes you want a quick pump but you’re miles and miles away from the gym. Adjustable dumbbells were made for people like you! Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds so both you and your grandparents can use them…But seriously, these things are awesome. They are perfect for all of your light stuff and a lot of your heavier lifts that don’t involve the Olympics. Why have a rack of 15 sets of weights when these transformers can do it all? Hats off to Bowflex for this cool product.

Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers

Early philosophers often argued whether it was better to run with headphones or ear muffs in cold weather (Runners, you understand the struggle.) Well the good folks at 180s don’t think you should have to choose. Their bluetooth enabled wireless headphones are built snug and secure inside of a comfortable pair of ear warmers. It’s the best of both worlds- a combination more powerful than Sonny and Cher. Your ears will thank you for the warmth and the great tunes.

Protein Packed Pancake Mix

The geniuses at Kodiak Cakes have done it. They’ve cracked the code. Finally, you can reach the protein macros you need each day in the form of a delicious pancake. Is this real life?

With whole grains and fiber, this is a breakfast that’s sure to sit well. Mix some blueberries or bananas into your batter to give those pancakes a little more flavor and pre-workout meal energy boost. You’ll thank us for the suggestion and hopefully your fitness fan will thank you too!

Grid Mini

“Foam rollers are so hot right now.” -Mugatu from Zoolander. Probably.

Your fitness enthusiast loves to stretch after their workouts but they don’t always have a yoga studio to sprawl out in. The Grid Mini is a compact foam roller that’s travel ready for every situation. It’s weight tested and capable of supporting up to 250 pounds so you know it’s suited to get the job done. For just $25, you can’t miss on this one!

Fitness Gift of two green dumbbell with red gift bow on a yoga mat.

FITNESS GIFT BONUS: Let’s Hear it For the Girls!

Who run the world? Girls. Here’s a few fitness options for the powerful lady in your life.

Post-Gym Refresher Kit

The Arrow Limited-Edition Freshen Up Kit is perfect for any woman on the go from a lighter sweat sesh at the gym. It includes a coconut water-infused facial mist, aluminum-free deodorant, mango seed butter lip balm, and unique makeup bag.


So many options, so little time. Here are some of our top picks. When it comes to leggings, you can’t go wrong with these mesh ones from Reebok, or these Crusher Tights from Lulu Lemon. Try these Sports bras from Victoria’s Secret or Nike. For the hardcore runner in your life, check out this pair of Altras, or more of a cross training shoe like these from Adidas.

Yoga Mat

These colorful non-stick mats are a great option for the Yoga lover in your life. Whether she doesn’t yet have her own mat or needs an upgrade, this one comes in lots of different designs and colors, is made from biodegradable rubber, and with each purchase donates $1 to urban youth yoga programs.

Kubex Fitness Membership!

May we humbly suggest a membership to Kubex Fitness and our personalized, private and patented Kube and sequence system as the best fitness gift you can give your friend or loved one this holiday season? Not sure what we’re all about? Request a free gym pass and come take a tour of one of our facilities. All December long we’re waiving new member activation fees and offering gift cards that come with a free T-Shirt you’ll actually WANT to wear.

To learn more about Kubex visit us at or checkout our Instagram and Facebook pages.


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