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KUBEX Fitness Eliminates Frustrations About Going To A Gym

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) You might be looking to get into shape this summer. How about trying something a bit different from a typical gym?
Jeremy Strom an exercise specialist with Kubex Fitness explains what makes the Kubex gym experience unique.
  • PRIVACY- KUBEX provides you the ultimate workout with complete privacy. You progress through revolutionary exercise KUBE changing movements every minute all while you only focus on your workout and no one focuses on you.
  • INTIMIDATION is the number one deterrent to frequent exercising at traditional gyms. KUBEX™ is about getting fit and staying healthy for life.
  • VIRTUAL TRAINER: At KUBEX every KUBE has a large flatscreen monitor with your own Virtual Personal Trainer showing you the exercise form and cadence.
  • NO THINKING: At a regular gym you need to have a plan of what to do that day and most of us do not have the time to be worrying about if we are creating an effective exercise plan. At KUBEX, you simply follow the animations through your workout KUBES of challenging, fun and engaging exercises. You get to focus on each movement never having to wonder what to do next.
  • TIME: Traditional gyms can be incredible time wasters. You have to wait for your machine or equipment to open up and many times the person you are waiting on is in no hurry. All you need is 30 minutes for an effective, great workout. At KUBEX everyone advances exercises every minute on the minute. No waiting, no chit chatting…just working out. Every workout at Kubex is exactly 30 minutes long.
  • NUTRITION, TRACKING PROGRESS & ACCOUNTABILITY: Besides all the amazing benefits of our workouts, we also have a Kubex nutrition book, 3D body imaging that gives you body fat % & measurements of your body, and a daily assessment sheet that helps you stay motivated and track your goals.
For more information visit kubexfitness.com.


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