Mary Ann has lost inches, body fat, and weight at kubex gym

Kubex Fitness Member Spotlight: Mary Ann E.

You’ve heard it before- to find your motivation, find your “why”. What ‘s the driving force behind your fitness motivation? For Kubex Fitness member Mary Ann Everton it’s her family.

Her number one goal?

“To be active for my grandkids. They need a fun grandma and I want to be that fun grandma.”

The Frustrating Fitness Game:

Like most of us, Mary Ann had tried losing weight and getting fit for a long time but couldn’t find anything that would help her lose even one pound. Not new to gyms, she was ready for something different. Something that could give her real results.

Kubex Fitness Keys to Success:

While many of our members find success, one of the keys to May Ann’s was privacy. At other gyms Mary Ann routinely spent her precious gym time chatting… which is fun but when it came to the DOING that gets results, by the time her planned hour and half was up and she left feeling like she’d wasted time. Kubex offered her the privacy of the Kubes, which allowed her to be productive and focus for the entire half hour. No distractions just hard work.

She also loved having a full body workout all mapped out for her, without any thinking or planning on her part.

“I loved it when I came to Kubex and it showed me what to do and how to do it. I never have to think when I come here,” she said.

Another healthy habit she has adopted since becoming a Kubex member is water intake. Mary Ann hits her goal of a gallon of water everyday. Not only has it propelled her fitness results she also feels it’s rejuvenated her skin.


Mary Ann’s results took even her buy surprise when she started noticing new-found muscles like biceps and triceps. After consistently coming to Kubex results started to follow. Mary Ann has lost 18 pounds and 20 inches and 5.2 percent body fat since joining. That’s what we call CRUSHING it!

Mary Ann says she feels stronger. Her energy is up, her blood pressure is down and she feels healthier over all.

Way to go Mary Ann! You are definitely in the running to be the funnest grandma around. Keep it up!


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