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Kubex Fitness Means More For Every”body”

So here’s the premise on which Kubex Fitness was built: Going to a traditional gym isn’t always enjoyable. Whether it’s intimidation from the buffed-up weight room regulars or feeling like your body is on display for judgment — hitting a regular gym might not be the way you want to start your day.

Hey, we get it! Some might see these as excuses but let’s be honest: they’re legitimate reasons that keep a large number of people- maybe even you- out of traditional gyms. And, as mentioned, they also happen to be the motivation behind our scientifically designed program and the “you-focused” heart of our fitness revolution method.

After all, Kubex means more… more diversity, more shapes and sizes, more inclusivity, and more technology moving you closer to your goals and farther away from all the other usual gym rhetoric.

Kubex Fitness Is Different

Kubex members are all training toward something different, yet equally wonderful and worthy. Some want to shave major minutes off a marathon PR or are training for a grueling 100 mile run. Others are fed up with feeling tired after a flight of stairs and visit Kubex Fitness to change for the better.

We all have different goals. The amazing power of Kubex cross-training is that it can be customized to whatever your specific goal is!

Kubex in Logan, UT trains real athletes and real people all with individual needs, objectives, and busy schedules. No matter your level, Kubex provides you with knowledge, resources, and access to top-class physiologists and trainers every single time you walk through our doors.

Kubex Fitness Is Built On Privacy

It isn’t exactly news that body image issues run rampant in our country and in general gym culture. We don’t subscribe to body shaming or excessive mirror gazing as a tool of motivation. Mostly because it doesn’t work! Compared to most gyms, mirrors are in short supply at Kubex. Instead, we use detailed animations to illustrate the moves and ensure your form is on point through each exercise.

Our privacy Kubes allow, you to be you, even if you’re in the process of working toward a healthier version of yourself.  

Kubex members and their individual goals are as diverse as they come. Celebrating rather than scolding different body types while working to become stronger and maintaining a high level of fitness is an essential part of our plan.

The one thing we all have in common? We value our health and fitness.  

Lunge slider private work out at kubex fitness in logan ut

The Kubex Focus is Fitness

We don’t believe a great workout includes looking around and comparing yourself to others with the help of mirrors. It’s not about having the trendiest workout clothes. It’s not about anyone or anything else but you and your health.

We know the number one deterrent to gym attendance is intimidation. Kubex has the solution! Our privacy Kubes help you focus on yourself, with no distractions. Where else does that happen?

It’s like having your own personal trainer in each and every private Kube. Plus, no more waiting around for a machine or trying to ask if you can “work in a set” with the machine camper.  

It’s high time you put yourself into your schedule. Let this be your time. A time to clear your head (no planning or thinking required), a time where you focus on yourself and literally block out others.

This is about you and your goals. Your results. Kubex is your gym and your opportunity to cross-train for whatever it is you are working towards. Take a look at what our members are achieving. Yeah, we’re just a little proud of them.  

It’s simple; when you take care of yourself you have the capacity to take care of everyone else around you. The number one recommendation for proper self-care is, you guessed it, exercise. So, let us be a part of your “me time” before the demands of life and work flood your inbox and tug you in a million different directions.

Individualized Kubex Fitness Plans

Maybe you’re interested in losing those stubborn inches around your waist or perhaps you want to PR on your next race or simply have more functionality and strength for your day-to-day tasks.

Meet with us about your individual needs and tell us exactly what you’d like your results to look like. The loftier the better. We can do this!

To get an individualized health plan give us just 10 minutes and we’ll give you multiple pages of information about your health and body. Simply stand on our body scan machine, in complete privacy, and let it give you a 3D glimpse into the health and wellness of your body including your measurements and body fat percentage. Then, accurately track your fitness over time (without using the scale)!  

Hint: Use our Nutrition Guide and Daily Tracker to accelerate your progress.

Kubex cares about your overall health and fitness. we’ve removed the typical fitness roadblocks and replaced them with knowledge, research driven methods and a supportive, non critical environment.

We provide the tools. Your job is to keep up the good work, let us know how your progress is coming along, and invite a friend because we have a sneaking suspicion we can help them too.

Get a free day pass to Kubex here. 


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