Kubex Gym member spotlight: Debby H

Kubex Member Spotlight: Debby H.

Consistent actions create consistent results… and if that gem of wisdom had a name, it would be Dr. Debby Hackett (retired), a Kubex member since September 2015.

About Debby

Debby is a retired endocrinologist (a doctor specializing primarily in Diabetes), so the research and technology behind Kubex appealed to her on a scientific level. She knew from experience that prevention is far better than treatment, and that exercise is a critical component to prevention.

So there’s the science-based aspect of the program but what else has kept Debby with Kubex? As she explains it, convenience. At only 30 minutes per workout, Debby and her husband come in at their leisure and enjoy the added energy and progress to their fitness goals. They don’t have to guess their way through a workout or hope they’re working toward results thanks to specific video tutorials designed to walk Kubex members like Debby through the process of getting genuinely fit.

Another Kubex perk for Debby? Privacy. As she puts it, “You don’t feel like you’re competing with anyone but yourself.” Debby pushes herself to the level she’s capable of and enjoys the benefits in the privacy of her own Kube.

Debby and Kubex: A Match Made in Heaven

Debby has always tried to make exercise a regular part of her week, but could never achieve the consistency she desired until she discovered the beautiful simplicity of the Kube.

“I was never able to make [exercise] a consistent habit to come in 3,4, even 5 times a week, until I had a workout that was so simple to perform.” said Debby. “You don’t have to think about it. I love the fact that you come to Kubex, you choose a Kube that you want to do that day, and the exercises are spelled out for you.”

Does Debby’s situation sound familiar? There’s a lot of things competing for our time and attention, and most of them are much easier than working out. With 24 hours in a day, 30 minutes a few days a week was designed to get everyone, including Debby, real results.

Debby’s Progress

Since becoming a Kubex regular, Debby has noticed many important changes in her body, including improved muscle tone, reduction in body fat, and a drastic increase in energy. She recognizes resistance training is critical especially as we age because it helps prevent bone loss and increases quality of life down the line.

What Debby was most surprised by was the reduction of body fat she experienced, which she wasn’t able to achieve through other workouts she’d done in the past.

The scientist in Debby also loves the Kubex body scan which has helped her track her progress of losing 5% body fat.

“Basically you get the ‘feel-good’ sensation of having done something beneficial for your body, but it also gives you more energy for the rest of the day,” said Debby. “It doesn’t exhaust me completely. I can push myself and see results, but I don’t feel like I’ve just run a marathon, I am not wiped out.”


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