Workout Wednesday at Kubex Fitness

Kubex Workout Wednesday: Bring a Friend FREE

Ever had this conversation before?

YOU: “Friend! You should totally come workout with me!”

FRIEND: “I would love to but I don’t have a membership to that gym.”

If this sounds familiar, you my friend are in luck! Wednesdays just became the best day of the week with Workout Wednesdays at Kubex Fitness.

Introducing Workout Wednesday (conveniently placed after taco Tuesday, amiright?). Wednesdays are now the day all Kubex members can officially bring a friend to the gym for FREE.

Yup, you heard that right. Free ninety-nine.

From the beginning of time, we’ve been shown that two is better than one. Scooby was better with Shaggy. Stockton was better with Malone. Mr. T was better with his mohawk. You get the point. But these duos aren’t the only twosomes better together– You’re included as well!


Did you know that people who involve friends in their fitness goals are 33% more successful in accomplishing those goals than those who don’t? In a 2013 goal achievement study, results showed people who went all in with a friend were 33% more successful than those who just decided to write some goals down and tackle them at some point.*

It’s science!

We guarantee your friends will be pumped to see all that Kubex has to offer.


One thing you can show off is the private workout cubes that allow you and your friends to exercise in privacy. Exercising in our Kubes is like owning your own personal ‘state-of-the-art’ exercise clinic. As the Kubex animations guide you through your workout Kubes of challenging, fun, engaging and functional exercises like ladder drills and ball drops, you relax and focus on each movement. What’s not to love?


If your friends are worried about time, you can let them know that good workouts don’t necessarily have to be long ones! Kubex workouts are only 30 minutes long from start to finish, \including the warm-up! Kubex was designed with your life and your schedule in mind.


Are your friends not sure what to do at the gym? You don’t have to worry about planning your workout. You never have to wait for a machine. It’s like having your own personal gym and trainer. It’s like having the perfect plan.

Once the two of you have finished your workout, get your fit selves over to the smoothie bar, and order a delicious protein shake to recover**. Your friend will probably owe you one after such a sweet hookup.

Workout Wednesday was created with you and your friends in mind. We want you to succeed! So mark your calendar, pull up your contact list and bring a friend this Wednesday, next Wednesday and every Wednesday after that, to crush your goals together.

We can’t wait to see you both!

* Dr. Gail Matthews; Dominican University in California

** At participating locations.



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