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Member Spotlight: Haddie’s Secret to Getting Swimsuit Ready

Meet Haddie. She’s been on a mission since joining KUBEX… a mission she’s absolutely CRUSHING. And while she was a little reluctant to post her pictures to be seen far and wide she selflessly agreed to let us post them in hopes someone could leverage her success for inspiration… and in that, there’s definitely no shortage of high fives to go around. Using Kubex Fitness, Haddie has nuked fat, dropped pant-sizes and drop-kicked bad habits while picking up confidence, renewed purpose and a big fat helping of energy with a side of perseverance.



Here’s how she did it:

What motivated you to get started on your transformation with Kubex Fitness?

I was sick of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I didn’t have much energy, I didn’t feel good about myself and I knew I wasn’t reaching my potential. I dreaded the summer months of swimsuits, tank tops, and shorts and was sick of always worrying about my weight and what I looked like. I was so ready to feel healthy, strong, and confident.

What did you eat during your transformation?

How I nourished myself was extremely important during my transformation. I ate whole, healthy foods with lots of vegetables and lean protein. I limited carb intake and tracked all the food I was eating so I was being very aware of what was going into my body. NO processed foods and I made sure to never drink my calories. I prepped most of my meals and almost never ate out – that way I knew exactly what I was eating.

Staying consistent can be tough. How did you stay motivated throughout the process?

I didn’t focus on the end goal. I focused on the day-to-day and celebrated the mini-wins. Accountability is huge. Regularly getting styku scans and seeing the loss in inches as well as body fat was extremely motivating and helped me keep going. THE SCALE IS YOUR ENEMY! I weigh the EXACT same in my before and after photo. Muscle weighs more than fat and it’s more about how you feel and look than what the scale is telling you.

How long did it take you to reach your goal?

My goal is still a work in progress! I believe in setting mini goals and to constantly be working toward something. The before/after pictures were only taken a little over a month apart! I made huge fitness and nutrition changes and saw results very quickly because of it.

What is next with Kubex Fitness? What are some of your new goals?

My biggest goal right now is keeping the weight off, maintaining my motivation, drive and making this a permanent lifestyle.

What obstacles have you faced in your journey?

I had to learn to give myself breaks and if I messed up on my eating or skipped a workout it wasn’t the end of the world and to not fall off the wagon again but keep going. It’s hard changing your lifestyle and making clean eating and regular exercise a habit. I have to motivate myself daily. My biggest struggle was planning out my food and not reaching for the easy/tasty/unhealthy options.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Sometimes when you start a new fitness/nutrition regimen you get exhausted and burnt out and you give up. I can’t even count the number of times I started and quit because “I miss eating whatever I want,” “I don’t have time to workout,” “I’m too exhausted today,” “I’m not seeing the results,” etc. It should be a lifestyle change, not a ‘diet’. Don’t deprive yourself of foods you love (even if they are unhealthy!) plan out your cheat meals or snacks, incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle so you don’t have to feel guilty about it. And everyone needs to realize It takes time to see changes in your body.  Find ways to keep yourself motivated daily. Set a big ultimate goal but also set mini goals with deadlines so you have things to celebrate along the way. It shouldn’t just be a goal – it should be a PLAN – plan out your workouts, plan out your food, set goals and deadlines – no more wishful thinking and wanting it to happen – plan it out and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

How did you keep yourself going when you felt like giving up?

I would look at how far I’ve come – I’d take lots of progress photos and look at my scans and see the changes that were happening. I had a ‘vision board’ album of photos on my phone of other people’s transformations and it helped motivate me and get me excited again about my goal. Sometimes when I was feeling huge urges to give up I realized I was getting burnt out and needed a break – I might skip the gym that day and do something more relaxing then jump right back into it the next day.

What has been the best part of your transformation?

Just knowing I’ve accomplished something I’ve been wanting to do for so long! Seeing hard work and perseverance pay off is so rewarding. And besides that, I feel better, I have more energy, and I have more confidence in myself.

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