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Monday Motivation: 4 Fitness Memes Designed to Inspire Your Fire

If you’re looking for a reason to get fit, there’s plenty. Sure, the “looking good in a swimsuit” thing is always in vogue but what happens if and when that reason loses its motivational fire?

What will keep you going?

What will be your reason to make fitness more than a seasonal occupation and part of a life well lived?

That motivation– that reason– has got to come from a place that won’t allow you to quit when things get difficult, boring or the days you just don’t feel like it. Your motivation must be the spark that catapults you beyond “I just want to look good” and into “I’m doing this because it matters to me and those I love” territory.

A move from the superficial to supernal.

Once you arrive there, it’s less about chasing fitness and more about living it. And that’s a place worth finding- not only for yourself but for those who think having you around for a while is a pretty cool idea.

In the mean time, here’s a few memes designed to inspire. And if you’re in the sharing mood, maybe inspire a few others as well:







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