Selection of food that is good for health.

Nutrition Isn’t Everything… But It’s Close

Behind most great success stories you’ll find a support team or mentors who help provide direction and advice. Guides, if you will. With nutrition being such a key component of your successful fitness story, eating right is no different.

You already know about our amazing and innovative Kube sequences designed to challenge you physically.

But you might not know about our strategy when it comes to food.

Nutrition For Results- Kubex Has A Plan For That Too

Kubex has an amazing nutrition e-book available to our members. In it, we detail the guidelines to eating healthy, map out proper portion sizes, what foods/ingredients keep you aligned with your goals, and the tasty creative recipe ideas that won’t have you eating bags of lettuce and celery all day.

Think of it as your food bible.

And let’s face it, without a little direction here and there we may often buy the same things every week from the grocery store or find ourselves in line at our favorite fast food joint ordering off the menu with reckless abandon. And while that’s fun, it’s the same ol’… and when it comes to eating for results, guidance and a little disciple go a loooong way. 

A Kubex Approach To Nutrition

The Kubex approach to nutrition and dieting is a holistic one. Our Fitness guide highlights three of our important beliefs:

  • Accountability
  • Exercise
  • Good lifestyle choices.



When it comes to accountability, our nutrition guide gives you daily assessment examples to keep you on track and recognize what you can do to improve. By definition,“Accountability is the acknowledgment of responsibility for your actions with the obligation to report, explain, and be responsible for the resulting consequences.” Basically, accountability keeps you consistent and helps you report back when you are successfully, or even unsuccessfully, eating healthy. The fitness guide contains important assessments and evaluations to help keep you grounded.

We recommend getting a friend or partner with similar goals involved and amp up that level of accountability. More accountability= more chance of success!

But to be accountable, you may need more education on what lifestyle choices you should be making when it comes to food. Our fitness guide provides that, in breaking down the three essential macronutrients and best choices for each one, easy-to-do portion control, and an overview with a sample meal plan. It also goes into more detail about things like hydration, sleep, and multivitamins. Honestly, what’s not to love?

Good Lifestyle Choices

Speaking of love, do you love how you feel when eating healthy? With more energy and awareness, who knows what you’ll be able to accomplish? We believe in eating healthy foods as close to their natural state as possible for your best health and well-being. Not necessarily because any food is “BAD”- but because these foods are loaded with nutrients and fiber- the stuff that fuels a healthy, energy-delivering internal ecosystem.

Holistic foods include but are not limited to: unrefined, unprocessed, organic, and locally grown whole foods. So that month-long stash of hot pockets in your freezer probably isn’t going to cut it. A nutritional redirect may have you worried about foods that might feel limited or even bland, but there are actually thousands of amazing healthy dishes made with these healthy ingredients.

After all, healthy people had to get creative to still enjoy tasty food too!

Shopping Options For Better Food Choices

man grocery shopping at store

Ok, now that you’ve got a plan to start eating right, where can you pick up all of your supplies?

Some great options here in Utah include:

  • Natural Grocers/Whole Foods- You knew we’d go there, didn’t you? These guys have a great selection of organic and locally grown foods. NG is also loaded with lots of delicious snacks foods to curb your hunger cravings that are comparable in price with their more mainstream counterparts.
  • Smith’s Marketplace – Your local Smith’s may not be as specialized as “natural” chain stores but it has what you need to eat right. Their organic selection is decently stocked and scattered throughout the store in where you’d expect to find it if looking for “soup” or fresh meats. They also have a pretty good thing going with their produce.

All that said, if you don’t like going to the store you can always go online and order great food to your door at:

Our Nutrition guide won’t automatically make your life better, but we believe if you really follow it, results will follow as well. You can do anything you put your mind (or mouth) to!

To claim your complete nutrition guide, just stop by our Logan, Utah health club, and we’ll get you taken care of.


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