how to reach your new years resolutions

New Years Resolutions- Make Them Bite-Sized And Achieve Them

New Years Resolution season is here. That annual New Year promise of change inspired by goals for a better life direction and an improved You. 

Change is good. Goals are great. The only problem? Sometimes our goals are so lofty, we stop before we really ever get started.

Fact: a whopping 80% of Americans will give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by February. But don’t blame yourself. Blame the way we’ve been conditioned to think about our goals.

But don’t get us wrong- we’re not here to throw cold water on your goals of achieving real, meaningful change in the direction you want. Kubex believes you can stick to your resolutions and we’ve got a fun formula that might help you get you there. 

But first, let’s set up the familiar foundation of creating a solid, 5-star rated goal: 

Make Your Goal Specific

You want to get in shape, you say? Define what get in shape means to you. Is it losing inches around your waist? Is it signing up for a race, following a training program and completing that bucket list event? Is it losing a certain percentage of body fat? If your goal rings in with overt loftiness and a bunch of generalities you may be setting yourself up for failure. Spelling out your goals with specifics will set you up for success.

If you’re just getting started or looking for a new fitness solution; sign up with us in January and you’ll only pay $10 per month for the first 3 months!

Make Your Goal Measurable

Whether it’s weight loss, a decrease in body fat percentage or increasing your weekly workouts, start with something you can measure. We all start somewhere and wherever you’re at now- that’s your baseline. Start there. We recommend coming in for a body scan; where you can get a thorough look into your body measurements, body fat percentage and a plethora of useful information about your health.   

Make Your Goal Realistic

Breaking your goal down into bite-sized pieces will keep you moving in the right direction without becoming too overwhelming. Consider making one change per month and master that change before moving on. Learning to listen to your body and respecting its journey is an important step in achieving health and fitness. When you slip up, (it happens) do what you can to avoid the mental brick wall of “I failed once, I’ll just keep failing- time to quit”. Forgive yourself and keep moving forward.

Find Inspiration

In the event setting your goals feels a little intimidating, you can start out with bite-sized pieces inspired from a variety of resources.

And here’s where we get to that formula. We love this goal planning resource from Chiefhealth to get you thinking- in bite sized increments- about what your goals will be for the new year. The list provides quite a few ideas but feel free to create your own based on what you want to achieve. Cutting sugar out of your diet might not be your thing, but maybe reaching a 3 mile PR of 30 minutes is. Flexibility is key! 

12 months to a healthier you infographic

Once you’re dialed in, put the stress of planning your workout aside. Kubex will spell out your fitness routine through instructive, results-driven workouts. Our exercise sequences are intuitive yet physically challenging. Let us help you track your nutrition and note your progress through our Kubex Health Program. Give us just 10 minutes and we’ll give you nutrition guidance and a daily tracker along with accurate body measurements, body fat percentage and health risks you should be aware of.   

Come at us 2018, we’re ready for you. 


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