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Sticking To a Nutrition Plan When Your Family Isn’t

It’s tough, right? You’re trying to stick to a nutritional plan that’s guaranteed to have you strutting around in a bathing suit 24/7 but your family (or roommates or significant other) is serving up nightly doses of pizza, take-out and all kinds of high caloric, progress-busting deliciousness.

The struggle is real… so how do you get around it?

With a little will, cooperation, self-motivation and a few of these real-world tested tips from our team at Kubex Fitness.


You may find family/friends can become your best ally here. First, make sure your roomie(s) know your goals (Get ripped! Lose fat!) and what it’s going to take to help you get there. If you’re sharing a budget, you may ask if you can carve a few bucks out of the grocery budget for your own list or you may just have to use some of your own budget to make it happen. Sure, you may get a little resistance or outright refusal to help but at best your family joins the process and gets some residual weight loss from your example. At worst? You still stick to the plan and still lose weight.


In the off-chance the family doesn’t want to go along, help out or converting their diet is 100% impossible right now (chances are, if you’ve got kids in the house you’re not going to be able to clear out all the cupboards and toss the junk unless all the grocery buyers are on board) you simply have to decide what’s off limits for YOU. The key: Staying full by eating stuff that keeps you full- protein, veggies (stuff with higher fiber) will help you keep the cupboard temptations at bay. Protein bars, almonds, jerky, carrot sticks, snap peas and other “at-the-ready” snacks can really help in a crunch.

Go At It Alone

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Make your own shopping list and buy for yourself. It’s not optimal, but it gets the job done and keeps you in control. While this sounds kinda lonely, it’s not. You may become a little more of a hoarder (MY PROTEIN!) but you have the peace of mind knowing your bases are covered when it comes to what’s available to eat.

Modify, Modify, Modify

Unless you’ve got particular food allergies, your nutrition and diet can be pretty flexible within its caloric/macronutritional borders. Simple adjustments can make a big difference. Instead of buying 80/20 ground beef at the store, use your powers of persuasion and find a happy medium with 93/7. Skip the garlic bread loaded with butter and cheese. Stay in portions. You get the drift.

Become A “Chef”

Making food is easy… and you may just learn a new life skill. If what’s for dinner doesn’t jive with what you need to eat to meet your nutritional goals, make a little something for yourself. Eggs are ridiculously versatile, lunch meat (while high in sodium) is cheap and can be eaten with a whole grain sandwich thin and a salad. If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, show your family eating clean can be delicious by whipping up a recipe from any one of a million calorie/macro friendly recipe websites.

What it all boils down to is this is your journey and being fit and/or ripped is your destiny to control. Family/significant other/roommate eating habits may be a hurdle you have to jump, but it’s one we have no doubt you can clear… and then some.



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