Before and after progress pictures of a young woman tracking her progress

Take Progress Pictures (They Work)

As the saying goes, “What gets measured gets improved.”  Which is why we believe the one thing you need to do before you officially start chasing a weight loss goal in your new fitness regime is getting down to your bathing suit attire and taking a few progress pictures of yourself.

Progress Pictures Show… Progress

We get it- nobody likes being reminded they’re out of shape (let alone looking at a photo of it) but taking a before picture is critical to gauging your process before you start. It’s not comfortable, but it’s eye opening, a great motivator and a fantastic measuring stick.  REMEMBER: As you take your “before” pictures, that’s the OLD you. As of your first day of chasing your fitness goal, that person doesn’t exist any more and down the line, thanks to your pics, you’ll know it’s the truth.

Photos are a great way to objectively see your progress. Relying on the scale only gives you one measurement and when that number doesn’t budge it can be discouraging. Through pictures you will see progress that the scale won’t reveal. It’s the evidence that will keep you coming back for more of that coveted and contagious progress.

How To Take A Progress Photo

So how do you go about taking a “before” picture? First, be sure to take your pictures the day you start your new goal (or at least within the first week). What to wear? If you’re a guy, a pair of basketball shorts or a swimsuit should work fine.  For women, wear what you’re comfortable in, a sports bra and shorts or a bikini. Note: It’s important to see your stomach as you’re most likely to see changes in that area. And… don’t suck it in, be real. Remember you want to be able to see your potential problem areas and take visual stock of them as you progress through the weeks and months.

Grab a stable surface to set your phone/camera on and set your timer (or have a friend, spouse or family member as your photographer) pick a place, strike your poses and save the shots. It’s even as easy as finding your favorite bathroom mirror and snapping away.

Where To Take Your Progress Photos:

Where isn’t as important as finding a place with a background that’s not too distracting. Pick a wall or a door without a lot of clutter or things hanging on the wall and go from there. You’ll also want to take your picture in a room with a decent amount of light. The flash on your camera/phone (if set) will help, but natural light makes a generally more pleasing picture– and you want to actually see what you look like.

Best Poses to Use For Your Progress Pictures:

When you pose for your picture, be natural. Sure, there’s the flex-hard or booty-out pose but a few recommended and “poses” focused on tracking progress will help:

  • Straight on, with your hands at your sides.
  • Side (both right and left), with hands at your sides.
  • Back facing camera, with hands at your sides.
  • Face camera while flexing your biceps.
  • Back toward camera while flexing your biceps.
  • Stand as though you’re taking another side shot, but twist your shoulders toward the camera.

And there you have it– Done and done. Repeat the process every 30 days and be sure to wear the same clothing.

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