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Back To School: 4 Tips To Get Your Fitness On Track

Whether you’re a mom who cried (or celebrated) at the bus stop, a student headed back to campus, or just someone ready for the busy summer to come to an end, one thing is for sure: it’s time for Back to School. The start of the school year brings a myriad of new activities, and it’s easy to to let your new schedule deter you from making your fitness a priority– or if you’ve had a lazy summer, finding the structure to get back into it. Whatever your situation, … it’s time to take that body back to school.

Since Kubex means more… never fear. Structure and fitness are what we do best.

Behold, 4 tips for maximizing your time and energy, and being the best you for the upcoming school year:


Be Accountable


The kids are back in school, so now you’ll for sure make time to work out… right?


But for sure not unless you find some way to make yourself accountable! And when it comes to accountability, workout buddies are the best (and not to brag but we make it easy with Workout Wednesdays– bring a friend FREE). They’ll not only help you get to sweatin’ but will probably make workouts more enjoyable. Who knows, a little friendly competition may help you reach the next level of your fitness goals. In addition, having a workout partner helps you be more invested in each of your progress.

If a workout buddy isn’t a possibility for you, ask someone to check in with you about your exercise and eating habits or even join up with an accountability group (Kubex Fit Fam on Facebook, for example). Social media can be a beautiful thing in helping connect you with other people that will keep you on the right track to reach your best fitness potential.


Find Exercise that You Enjoy


Let’s be honest; if you absolutely hate what you’re doing, you’ll do everything in your power to avoid it (DREAD-mill anyone?) Find a few different ways to exercise that you find FUN and fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Hi- us again. Kubex Fitness’ varied sequences and timed workouts are built to the stress out of working out, and make fitness a  less stressful, more enjoyable experience. Our KUBE workouts ensure you’ll spend 30 minutes (or more- or less- you decide!) of varied, fun and effective exercise including warm-up. You don’t have to worry about planning your workout. You never have to wait for a machine. Kind of like having your own personal gym and trainer.

If you want to supplement your gym time with some group fitness, join a running club or find a fitness class. With each of these, you’ll benefit from added accountability and friendships. Play with your kids, go on hike, or get involved with a new sport.

Whatever you do, just have fun with it.


Meal Plan


Meal planning means different things to different people but doing some form of it will most definitely help you reach your fitness goals. Plus, meal planning will save you time, stress, and ensure sure you’re eating healthy instead of that last-minute trip through the Little Ceasar’s Drive-Thru. After all, a lack of meal planning means lazy eating, and eating out way more often. Here are some ideas to help you with your meal plans:

-Make freezer meals in advance for busy nights.

-Grocery shop online. If you have a grocery store in your area that offers this service, take advantage! All you have to do is order your food and pick it up. You may run into additional fees with this, but you’ll still probably save money and avoid impulse buys to appease your current cravings.

-Plan out several weeks worth of meal plans, make grocery lists, and rotate them throughout the year. This one is a lot of work to plan, but will help you and your family eat healthier, and save you lots of time and money in the long run.

-Pick a day and spend some time preparing snacks, dinners, and lunches. Ask your kids or Significant Other help you if they’re old enough!


Schedule Your Workouts


Don’t be embarrassed if you get an adrenaline rush from crossing things off a list… You’re not alone!

A lot of us need some kind of to-do list and schedule to stay sane. Planning your workout times in advance and even putting them on the calendar will result in a higher probability of it actually happening! Use some kind of technology to help remind you, like Google calendars.

Everyone is different, but if fitness and living a healthy lifestyle are important to you, routine is everything. With Kubex, all you have to worry about is getting to the gym for a workout that’s pre-planned and ready to go.

Either way, take that body back to school and good luck with your goals. You got this!


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