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Tomorrow Starts Today: Tracy Rodgers’ Kubex Comeback

On a seemingly normal Thursday morning in 2011, Tracy Rodgers hopped in her car and merged on to the freeway. What happened next changed Tracy’s life.

In seconds, her car was obliterated as it smashed into a tour bus making an illegal U turn without warning. Suffering broken arms, legs, neck, back, collapsed lungs and severe head trauma, Tracy was rushed to medical attention after the devastating car accident anyone would be lucky to survive.

But that’s just where the story begins.

With focus and determination, Tracy fully recovered to win the title of 2017 Ms. America International and has used her platform to motivate with hope, inspiration and perseverance through advocating the idea “Your tomorrow starts today.”

See Tracy’s inspirational success story and how Kubex Fitness played a part in helping her reach new heights as she spreads her message of hope and strength.

Your Tomorrow Starts Today


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