Tony's 70 lb. Weight Loss Story

How Tony Lost A Stunning 70 Pounds

Tell us if this sounds familiar: reaching a point in your life where motivation is fleeting and you’re simply not happy with where you, as a person, have arrived. Tony Salazar knows the feeling– and it’s what created a stunning success story.

Tony’s Success Story

“The moment I realized I had to do something to change is when I went on a trip with my friends to Seattle. There was a staircase that was really big. Halfway up I needed to catch my breath and I felt my legs starting to shake. By the time I got up to the top I felt light headed and extremely out of breath. Something simple as going up some stairs is what truly made me realize that I had to change. When I looked back on it I was truly disgusted with myself. How did I left myself get to that point?”

When something as day-to-day as climbing stairs was bothering Tony, Kubex was the perfect option. His favorite part about coming to Kubex was that his workout was private: “I feel like when you’re in your own private area, you can give it your 100 percent effort.”

Giving 100 percent effort is exactly what Tony did! After working out at Kubex for two years, Tony lost more than 70 pounds… but that’s not the end by any means.

“I don’t want to settle, I want to always try to improve,” he said.

Phoenix Rising: Family, Friends and Food

When it comes to fitness success, Tony found counts three foundations that helped in his journey: Family, friends and food.

Family first:  “I want to thank my family and especially my best friend Mitchell, He was my gym buddy from day one. Always there to give me some friendly competition but also to make the process easier and fun.”

Another secret to Tony’s success was his food choices. Tony not only changed his fitness habits (or lack thereof) but how he ate.

“Changing your eating lifestyle is the biggest thing you can do to truly get on the path of success,” he said. “After that all you need is hard work, consistency, and most important of them all patience.”

After a year or so of Tony’s new workout routine, he decided to get a phoenix tattoo as a long-time reminder of being reborn.

“I look at it every day and it reminds me of what I went through, how I was before and how I am now.”

The Kubex Factor

Whether you’re like Tony and trying to shave off some extra pounds, aspiring to become a distance runner or any fitness goals in between, Kubex has what you need.

As a Kubex member, Tony enjoys a myriad of different workouts, machines, and exercise sequences, all of which combine for effective and focused cross training. Cross-training is a fantastic way for our members to really improve their athletic abilities and supplement a healthy lifestyle. It’s also a great way to prevent injury.

Tony has made incredible progress and looks amazing- but he’s not done yet.

“Now I want people to see, I want to share my journey and experiences with all,” he said. “Anybody can do what I did. You don’t need fancy workout clothes, shoes, or expensive and worthless supplements like fat burners. I went to the gym, in this case Kubex.”

Tony’s journey highlights the effectiveness and ease of consistency as a Kubex member. 

No fancy clothes, no confusing supplements.

Just get here, and we’ll help you do the rest.

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