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Top 10 Hottest Songs to Help You CRUSH Your Workout

Is there a worse feeling than pulling up to the gym only to realize you’re in the car… but your headphones are hanging out on your night stand back at home? Let’s be honest, music just makes things better– and that goes double for your workout. You don’t want to be stuck on the same Pandora station forever listening to all those cadence-busting ads or even worse, be consigned to the gym radio playing Mom’s favorite soft rock station.

Truth: For an ideal workout, you need a solid soundtrack. And when it comes to your soundtrack, we’ve got you covered:

Ali in the Jungle – The Hours

First on the list is one you may not have heard of. While some workout songs are light on the lyrics, this song is filled with poetic inspiration that will help you push through leg day like a champ. It gives examples of go-getters like Mohammed Ali, Nelson Mandela, Helen Keller, and Beethoven (not the family dog), and will get you in the perfect headspace. Sensitive ears take note- this one does drop an “F” bomb.

Dangerous – Big Data ft. Joyware

The beauty of this song is in its simplicity, coupled with its new sound age sound. Be sure to check out several great remixes on Spotify as they are also “very nice” (Borat voice). Suggested use: running or cycling.

Call on Me (Ryan Riback Remix) – Starley

A recently popular song, this track features a lot of electronic effects, and another catchy beat. Not so much that you feel like you’ve just stepped into an EDM club, but just the right amount to hit a great pace on the elliptical.

This is How We Do – Katy Perry

A workout mix wouldn’t be complete without some bubble gum pop from our favorite California girl. This one is a carefree song that just makes you feel good, and may inspire some dances during your cardio. Plus, it’s super catchy, and may just play in your head all day. Sorry in advance.

Love Me Again (Sound Remedy Remix) – John Newman

British pop music has a strange way of making its way into the United States. John Newman is a talented musician with standout vocals. This remix to his hit, “Love Me Again”, is great for some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. It gets a little electronic at times, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce

We can’t leave out all you lady bosses, and no one inspires girl power like Queen Bee. The upbeat tempo and drum beat combined with Beyonce’s powerful vocals will get you pumped up and ready to take on the world. Or maybe just that last set of lunges.

Machinehead – Bush

A classic for all you headbangers out there. Bush had a nice run in the 90’s and left us with this little gem that reminds us to “breathe in, breathe out”. If the opening guitar riff doesn’t get you going, check your pulse. Plus, what’s a playlist without a little rock?

My Kinda Party – Jason Aldean

To all you country music lovers, you haven’t been forgotten. This jam is an ideal song to add a little variety to your playlist. The drum solos and guitar riffs are a perfect beat to sweat to, whether your kinda party is the gym or in the backwoods of Georgia.

Usher – More

This is my confession…Usher still has some good upbeat songs. This one moves pretty quick and has a nice crescendo near the end so you can finish that last set strong. Try not to dance a little in between machines, but if you do, just chalk it up to more cardio.

Amazing – Kanye West

Finally, some hip hop. Kanye and Young Jeezy make a nice pairing for this song, talking about their struggles before making it big. The piano and drum sticks are a deadly combo. This is a much slower paced song than some the others previously listed.

Suggested use: Weight training or driving through dark alleys.

There you have it, our top 10 tracks for a great workout. We’ve only scratched the surface, so if we missed out on one of your favorites, let us know on Facebook! We’ll add it to the next list!

*Sincerest apologies to all the Backstreet Boys fans who didn’t see one of their jams here. Better luck next time.



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