Couple wearing workout gear.

Need Workout Gear? We’ve Got 13 Suggestions.

Look good feel good, right? Gearing up for the gym is half the fun of going. You want to be comfortable while enjoying workout gear that supports your sweat-inspiring fitness sequence. There are lots of options out there so whether you’ve got tens or hundreds to spend, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.

Workout Gear For the Ladies:



A super hot shoe with a household name is the Nike Tanjun. These kicks are super clean and provide great cushion and support, particularly for the indoors. This is not a shoe you run 10 miles in but it’s perfect for stop and go to and from the gym. Most of the available colors are subtle and look good with an array of different outfits.


The ultimate in women’s workout gear has to be LuluLemon. These yoga pants are quality material that will last for quite a while. Trusted by trainers and athletes everywhere, you can look good at the gym or just running to Chik-Fil-A. (You deserve it after a workout right?) LuluLemon gear does tend to run pricey, but word is once you go Lulu, you’re not going back. 

Need something easy and simple for your run? Pop over to Target and grab these little shorts. You don’t have to be a soccer player or track athlete to fly like an eagle in these beauties. Grab a couple pair while you’re there, they are only $17!


You can never have enough tops to go with your endless supply of yoga pants, but if you had to keep only  a couple, here’s what we would suggest.

The Swift Reach & Restore Tank from Athleta is super lightweight with a built in bra for support. It’s nice and flow-ey which makes for a comfortable gym session.

Fabletics also does a fantastic sweat-tee shirt that is a great piece to warm up or cool down in. You can look like you’re off the streets of Philadelphia training for a prize fight.

Would you think to check out the Gap when searching for sports bras? They’ve actually got a great selection of cute strappy bras for your athletic lifestyle. Because it’s mostly polyester, the bra is very breathable and comfortable. This sheek design also provides good support for you and equally important, your wallet.

Workout Gear For the Fellas:


It’s important to keep quality material between you and the ground.

The Altra Escalante is an athletic runner perfect for the treadmill or the training matts. With it’s comfortable knit design and wide toe box, your feet will be snug throughout your workout. Basically the homegrown lovechild of a Nike Free and a running shoe. Check it out here.

Shorts and Compression Tights:

Get yourself a solid pair of go-to shorts with the Adidas Climachill. Breathable for running, durable for sports and weight training. Be careful, your girlfriend or wife will likely try to steal them. (We’ve heard.)

Layers can help you get warmed up and create a little cushion for athletic competition. Nike compression tights look really sharp under whatever you want to wear. Just make sure they’re not the only thing you’re wearing!


Old Navy does a nice short sleeve athletic top comparable to Under Armour. It’s nothing amazing but is everything you need it to be. We suggest you pick up a gaggle of them for each. Check them out here.

A good tank can go a long way. If you want to show off the guns while staying relatively cool, you should check out this Under Armour tank. Black is a classic look, even next to winterized pale skin. A pretty good deal for under $30. Check them out here.


You obviously need a bag for your gym swag. It’s time to ditch the cheap drawstring pouch you picked up at a convention center and grab a real carrier from Vooray! Those colors are hard to beat. This stylish and lightweight bag fits perfectly into a locker or any small store space. Just don’t pack a suitcase worth of stuff and you should be fine.

Socks can tell a lot about someone. Yours should speak volumes with the rest of your good looking outfit. Stance Socks provide some much needed flavor. Get crazy with some knee-highs or stick to the ankle huggers.

Now you look good, so start feeling good by getting in some great shape!


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