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You’ll Never Believe What the Standard-Examiner Said About Kubex

We love leading the charge when it comes to getting the word out on the Kubex Fitness revolution. Still, that’s not to say we’re above using click-bait headlines around here from time to time. Because truth is if you’re a Kubex Fitness member you WILL believe what The Standard-Examiner said about our 1186 East 4600 South Harrison location:


We all know the benefits of an efficient workout in a controlled, private environment: focus AND results:

Although some may consider the gym their home away from home, fitness newbies may find the public gym setting intimidating due to the unfamiliar equipment, gym rules and spectators. Kubex Fitness was created to eliminate the challenges of a traditional gym setting with their private “kube” exercise system.


You’re familiar with Misty’s story by now (if not… be prepared for inspiration)- it’s a story that translates into our ultimate goal: “Kubex Will Help You Get There”. Whether your “there” is to be less winded on your favorite hike, more nimble playing your favorite sport or just losing some unwanted “fluff”, the 30 minute Sequence system is designed to increase performance and resilience:

Following the virtual trainer, two workouts are completed in each cube at one minute each. Members adjust weights and pace to their comfort level and a countdown prompts rotation to the next cube. The system allows for virtually no person-to-person interaction during the workout. “The whole system works on your cardiovascular training, strength training, balance, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and posture...”


Setting & Tracking Goals

We’re big fans of the Body Scan service we offer. Like, BIG. Here’s why: In less than 10 minutes and in complete privacy, you’ve got a customized roadmap you can use to not only benchmark and reach your goals but SEE them progressing:

An optional 3D image full body scan extracts body measurements and gives a shape analysis, fat analysis and a risk assessment. Additionally, a goal setting feature allows members to set fitness and weight loss goals based on the scan results. The assessment suggests calorie intake and sequence frequency.#6b6b6b

Ok, so tricky post titles aside, we get a little excited when the press underlines what our Kubex Fit Fam has come to know and love: Kubex means more.

Not a member? Stop by for a free tour and workout to see how Kubex can help you get to wherever your “there” may be.


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