The advantages of the Kubex franchise system


IMAGINE- your Personal Trainers being able to give detailed attention to 15 clients all at the same time, with each of them doing a totally different workout in totally separate rooms!  Impossible?? Well, that’s why Kubex has two patents and numerous others pending.

IMAGINE-members being able to walk into your facility and choose a workout on a large touch screen monitor choosing from Hundreds of possibilities painstakingly developed to change, improve and enhance their lives.  Workouts such as: Golf, weight loss, endurance, flexibility, muscle mass, explosive, arms, legs, marathon, and hundreds more. Or, in the alternative, they spent 10 minutes with a personal trainer who helps them custom design the EXACT routine they need and want.


The different workouts Kubex offers franchisees


IMAGINE- the personal trainer now pushing one button and sending this workout to the CLOUD, storing it and allowing retrieval and transport to the ‘KUBEX IMAGINE’ sequence monitors at any time by the push of a button

IMAGINE- these members now walking through swinging doors and entering a high tech private world of exercise never before ‘imagined’ let along developed!

‘KUBEX IMAGINE’—The possibilities only limited by your imagination!

Here is a summary of how the system works:

Within a 2,100 square foot area, we install 15 glass and steel private rooms.  The rooms have no ceilings and 7 foot walls giving both privacy and an open feeling.

Each Kube has a 32 inch touch screen screen monitor and different types of exercise equipment.  Some rooms have 2 pieces of equipment and some have one piece. The equipment varies from dual cable cross machines, treadmills, fit-light reaction trainer, flex line pneumatic cable trainer, stealth plank board, jump trainer, farmer carry tread mill and the extensive list goes on and on.

Each Kube has a large monitor counting down from two minutes.  The timer gives a voice and visual announcement of 4 seconds remaining.  As the 2 minutes expires, the exerciser enters Kube or Room number 1 of 15.


Kubex franchises are a patented fitness revolution

If the exerciser has developed their own personalized workout with a personal trainer, they simply check in and touch their name on the screen and a professional animation of the specific workout for that Kube appears giving the proper form and cadence. If the exerciser has not developed a workout with a personal trainer, they can simply choose from an extensive list of specific workouts by touching the name of the workout on the screen.

The exerciser simply follows the animation.  The time in the Kube is divided into 2 one minute sessions and either 2 separate exercises are performed for one minute each or one exercise is performed for the entire 2 minutes.

This system is SO intuitive and simple that the exerciser can enter the sequence for their first time WITHOUT any personal instruction and yet, the exercises to be performed can be quite complex and advanced.  They simply follow the animation.

They sequence can handle 15 exercisers every 30 minutes.  On cue each 2 minutes, the exercisers advance in sequence to the next Kube.  In 4 years of testing, this system has proven flawless. Privacy, instant access to equipment, perfect workouts and instruction.  It simply flows. Dr. Matt Rhea one of the developers of the system commented that the synergy of the system coupled with instant access to necessary equipment gives the participant “the maximum benefit in the minimum amount of time.”

The KUBEX-CAT-WALK another patent pending innovation ups the game to a totally new level.  HIDDEN inside the sequence structure is a Cat-Walk, allowing a personal trainer or instructor to be just chest high above all the kubes, walking around giving any needed direction or advise to all 15 people.  This works great for coaches of sports teams etc.

Millions of dollars in research and development coupled with 4 years of testing and improvements have culminated in dozens of innovative and advanced features that have all be incorporated into the KUBEX-IMAGINE system are available NOWHERE else.

This system is the ideal upgrade for existing gyms wanting the most advanced and effective and proven system for their members.

Universities can use this system allowing coaches and instructors to design effective programs for their athletes insuring that every minute an athlete is in the sequence kubexs they are doing EXACTLY what their coach and instructor prescribed.  All without the coach or instructor being present. This is Revolutionary!

Kubex Fitness is excellent for hospitals, physical therapists, anyone who want technology to expand the number of patients and clients they can service.  Currently, physical therapists are limited to working with one patient at a time. IMAGINE them working with 15 at a time, each doing something totally different but with specific and personal instruction.


Franchises Available

An excellent system for large corporate wellness programs

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