Kassie F.

“Clean, organized and private. GREAT environment for fitness growth.”

David T.

“Great gym. Clean, simple, quick. Perfect if you don't have much time or not sure what to do at a regular gym.”

Alyce M.

“My fiancée and I signed up about two months ago and WE LOVE IT!! Everyone at Kubex is so welcoming and we greatly look forward to our gym time! Definitely impressed with the facility and value that we received! I have already lost about 25 pounds and losing more as we speak! Thanks Kubex!!!”

Cory M.

“I have been going to the kubex for about six months I love it a lot I have taken four inch of my waste”

Bethany R.

“Everything is always spotlessly clean and I know I will walk away each time feeling great!”

Christie S.

“Just finished a tour, what an amazing facility! If you want to improve your fitness this is a must see!!!”

Kameron B

“Kubex is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. No matter what your experience level is with fitness you will enjoy Kubex. It does all the thinking for you and leaves great results.”

Kameron B
Kress S.

“This is a great gym and a great approach to fitness. I signed up when it opened at the first of the year and have consistently worked out there since. I like doing the 3 sequences each week and the level of fitness I have achieved and maintain by doing them.”