Jessie L.

“I ABSOLUTELY love Kubex!!! I love the privacy to work out and not worry about not knowing how to use a maching. I love that it only takes 29 MINUTES to complete a workout! I actually feel guilty when I don't go because it ONLY takes 29 minutes!! This facility was an answer to my prayers. I hated going to other gyms and wanting to use the machines but feeling so intimidated by all the other people around. I have lost 16 lbs and multiple inches. I love love love KUBEX!! I have raved about Kubex for so long that I have actually had multiple friends sign up. They love it just as much as I do!! I would recommend KUBEX to anyone and everyone who struggles to feel comfortable in a regular gym!! Thank you for bringing this facility to Logan, UT”

Jessica B.

“The best gym I've ever been to! It's private, quick and efficient. Get in, work up a sweat and get out. 29mins, done! You have screens telling you exactly how each machine works. It's like having a personal trainer every step of the way. You have about 1min in each Kube with a voice telling you when to advance. This keeps me motivated to keep moving and it's like a game pushing me to finish. Before I know it, I'm done and have had a great work out! Try it!"

Rachal P.

“I am obsessed with this gym! I joined 12 weeks ago and I go 6 days a week because I WANT to not because I have to. I love the manager- he is very educated and always willing to help me and educate me on the ins and outs of fitness. This gym is a life changer for me!”

Nikolas J.

“Absolutely Love Kubex! It truly is the future of fitness!”

Christie S.

“Just finished a tour, what an amazing facility! If you want to improve your fitness this is a must see!!!”

Derrick D.

“Takes all the excuses out of working out. Love it!”

Danielle J.

“Love love this gym! I started to get in shape in my third trimester of my pregnancy and it has been the greatest decision! Made my pregnancy so much easier! I love the privacy of the cubes when working out and not having to make up a workout! Being on a limited time schedule it has been amazing!”

Nick S.

“you don't even know that you went through a workout, its smooth and very easy.. best choice I've ever made.. clean, and the staff is awesome!!”