Alecia B.

“I have always wanted to join a gym but I knew that if I were to go to any other gym I wouldn't know how to use the equipment. Then I found Kubex where the computer shows you how to use the equipment and is also a personal trainer that keeps track of the weights you should use. The facility is very clean and the staff is always welcoming and helpful. I have been very impressed by Kubex and the workout that it gives me every week. I would never join any other gym.”

James M.

"I took a tour of Kubex today and it was amazing!!! Love the setup, friendly knowledgeable staff. Definitely better then any other gym in Ogden, can't wait to start working out and improving my overall life."

Dolena P.

“I love it. I''ve been going now for a couple of weeks. There is so much to do. No way you can get bored. I'm a big women trying to loose weight and get my strength back.”

Danielle J.

“Love love this gym! I started to get in shape in my third trimester of my pregnancy and it has been the greatest decision! Made my pregnancy so much easier! I love the privacy of the cubes when working out and not having to make up a workout! Being on a limited time schedule it has been amazing!”

Peter R.

“It's like having a personal trainer. It goes by so fast you don't have time to get bored but at the same time targets all the different areas. I was impressed by the incline trainer. 20 minutes getting the heart rate into the "zone" without any joint stress or jarring motions and no muscle soreness after. Beautiful facility with a helpful friendly staff.”

Nick S.

“you don't even know that you went through a workout, its smooth and very easy.. best choice I've ever made.. clean, and the staff is awesome!!”

Michaelle L.

“It totally takes the guess work out! That's exactly what I needed. I love the facility and the workouts are designed to my needs! Cardio room is top notch! Way to go Kubex”

Alyce M.

“My fiancée and I signed up about two months ago and WE LOVE IT!! Everyone at Kubex is so welcoming and we greatly look forward to our gym time! Definitely impressed with the facility and value that we received! I have already lost about 25 pounds and losing more as we speak! Thanks Kubex!!!”